Washing & Disinfection


We have 6 state of the art Belimed washer - disinfectors capable of 124 wash cycles per 24 hour period. The independent computerised monitoring system ensures seamless data traceability and logging. Normal turnaround for sets is 24 hours, but we do offer a fast-track service if required.

We also have a Medisafe Ultrasonic washer - disinfector for cannulated / fine lumen instruments.

Inspection, Packing & Assembly


Assembly of theatre trays, ward packs and soft packs is carried out by our experienced, qualified technicians in our large class 8 cleanroom.


Sterilisation is carried out in 4 BMM Weston porous load autoclaves capable of running 60 cycles in a 24 hour period. Thermo sensitive items can be processed through our Sterrad 100S gas plasma steriliser. This has a 100 litre capacity and can run 20 cycles in 24 hours. Gas plasma sterilisation is also used for surgical equipment such as the DaVinci ® equipment, which we have recently started for Eastbourne DGH and an external client.

We only use top quality raw materials in our packs and all sterilisation packaging is sourced from suppliers who are members of the Sterile Barrier Association.   

  For high volume custom packs, we can outsource sterilisation using Ethylene Oxide for better compatibility with materials and longer shelf life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Checking Trays