We currently process a full range of reusable medical devices to the HTM 01-01 standard ranging from simple stainless steel instrumentation to advance robotics equipment. Our modern sterile services department includes the latest in computer monitoring technology to ensure that critical process parameter are maintained at all stages. We also use a fully computerised tracking system to ensure full instrument and process traceability at all stages of the process.

Washing and Disinfection

All compatible devices are processed through our automated washer disinfectors (AWD's) where they will be washed, thermally disinfected and dried. Each machine is monitored by an independent computerised monitoring system to ensure full compliance for each and every load.

Before being loaded into our machines, each item is inspected for completeness and where required manually or ultrasonically pre-cleaned and prepared for automated washing. Moisture or temperature sensitive equipment can be cleaned using our careful handwashing process to ensure no damage is caused due to water ingress or excess temperatures.

Inspection and Packing

All devices are packed in our class 8 clean room by our experienced technicians. Before packing, all items are inspected for cleanliness, completeness, and function before being packed according to each customers requirements. We will also lubricate instruments were required and follow the equipment manufacturers recommended processing and inspection steps at all stages of the process.


We currently operate both porous load autoclaves sterilizing at 134oC and a gas plasma steriliser for processing heat sensitive equipment. At all stages of the process your equipment will be tracked by our computerised tracking system before being dispatched and delivered for use. All equipment can be identified by lot and batch number enabling full traceability and processing parameter records at each and every stage of the process.